The Problem

Jackson recently went through a Pavement Surface Evaluation and Rating review where 100 miles of local streets and 55 miles of major streets within the city were evaluated on a 1-10 scale. Only 5 percent are in good enough condition where they don't need repairs. About 60 percent of city streets need repairs ranging from "significant" to "complete."
Significant/Complete Disrepair
Substantial Maintenance
Good condition


The Solution

Fixing our roads requires that we dedicate our work around three broad strategies:
The state and federal government are failing to provide proper funding to fix our roads. We must develop a stable revenue source in Jackson that doesn’t require families to shoulder the cost alone.
Fix our roads right the first time. We should require our roads get fixed by well-trained Michigan construction workers and include strong, enforceable warranties that protect taxpayers.
Make sure we can maintain our roads. That means incorporating 'road dieting,' street sweeping, catch-basin cleaning, and green infrastructure into construction plans to extend the life of our roads.

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