• The state uses a formula to disburse of gas tax funds, which are a combination of the state gas tax (18.7 cents/gallon), federal gas tax (18.4 cents/gallon) and vehicle registration fees. A 6 percent state sales tax is tacked on but is not dedicated to road funding. Instead, it is earmarked for schools and revenue sharing, while a small amount collected from fuel and automotive products is allocated for public transportation.
  • If the price of gas costs $3.89 a gallon in the state, 6.7 cents for each gallon sold would be funneled to the 83 counties in the state.
  • About 3.8 cents per gallon is split among city governments in the state for city streets.
  • The state receives 6.7 cents per gallon for highways, which is not nearly enough to maintain roads that already have a history of being underfunded

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