Here’s a little bit more about the condition of our roads across Michigan:

  • Michigan has the sixth-highest state taxes on gasoline but one of the lowest rates of investment on roads in the nation.
  • Of the 41.4 cents in state taxes Michigan motorists pay on a gallon of fuel, only 19 cents is a fuel tax dedicated to transportation.
  • The other 22.4 cents is all sales tax, and under Michigan’s constitution, most of it goes to schools and local governments and very little of it can be spent on roads.
  • The gas tax has not changed since 1997, when it increased from 15 cents to 19 cents per gallon.
  • For the past fifty years we have ranked among the bottom ten states in the country when it comes to investment in roads.
  • Michigan ranks 33rd among states for the amount of investment per lane-mile of road; 47th for investment per vehicle mile driven, and dead last among the 50 states for investment per driver.
  • Ohio spends $1 billion more on roads per year than Michigan, making a tremendous difference on road quality.

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